Imagine Launching Your SaaS & Getting Sales on Day 1

  • Most tech founders believe ideas will magically come to them. Stop waiting for ideas, and start finding them.
  • Discover how to identify ideas that you can build a business around in just 30 minutes of focused research.
  • Unlock a repeatable process for idea validation that you can use every time you create a new SaaS product.
  • Know exactly what your customers want, and ensure they are excited to get it from you.
  • Get people excited about your idea and willing to pay for it before you start building it.
The SaaS Idea Validation Playbook

"It's a short guide. No fluff. I learned a ton and I now know how to approach idea validation of my SaaS."

Testimonial Elena

If you've ever launched a SaaS product and failed, you know how it feels to have your hopes crushed by a surplus of silence.

Your concept must have felt like a sure winner, possibly even receiving nods of agreement from those around you. Yet, when it came to actual sales, it seems no one took the plunge to buy your product.

Validate Your Idea First

You are NOT your customer, so you have to find out what your customer wants.

1. Idea

Most ideas are worthless. But every once in a while, you find gold.

2. Test

To know which ideas are worthless and which aren't, put them to the test.

3. Validation

Every business must make profits to stay afloat, and validation is the starting point.

Hi, I'm Cezar

I went through a similar experience nearly 15 years ago when I stumbled upon what I believed to be a fantastic idea for a SaaS product. The following year was dedicated to its development, and eventually, I introduced it to the world...

Can guess what happened next?

Most of us want to build. Because that's what we know how to do. And we love doing it.

But writing code is never the first step in the process.


Burning Questions Asked

Will this work for my existing product (or idea)?

If you aready have a product (or an idea you want to build) you'll get a better understanding of the sales and marketing efforts you need to focus on to get paying customers.

When can I get started?

You will have complete access to everything you need to get started immediatelly.

Does my location matter?

No. You can learn from anywhere, at any time. And you can ask questions via email. In your own timezone.

What if I'm not a developer? Will this work for me?

The principles you'll learn in this book are universal. They apply to anyone building online products. But a lot of the content makes reference to building SaaS products.

Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

If you have a project you're currently working on and need help, or accountabiliy, or you simply learn faster through 1:1 coaching, you can send me an email at

What if I have more questions?

For any questions, please send me an email over at I normally reply in less than 24h.

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